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sneak peak, leanna & dustin married

July 18, 2010

i’ve have yet to even load and back up all the pictures that were taken yesterday (and a fun, HOT day it was). so, until i can get the majority edited and publish a true post, here a couple that are my first glance favorites.


sneak peak, savannah and jonathan

May 15, 2010

sneak peak, mark & leigh ann

April 29, 2010

leanna & dustin, engagements

April 26, 2010

it’s weird to think that i’ve technically known leanna since we were ten. we both attended the same private school 5th grade through 8th grade, then separated for high school, and ended up going to the same college. small world, eh? even now, i can remember leanna always being super friendly and joyful then, which still rings true today. except, this time, her laughter and joy is fueled by her love of dustin. they laugh together. they are silly together. they bring out the fun in each other. anyone could see their love for each other and i’m honored to have captured it.

excited for july! 🙂

anna shelton, senior session

April 25, 2010

what more could one ask for, than a beautiful face, beautiful natural light, and a most, wonderful setting to take pictures? not much, at least when it comes to pictures. anna’s session encompassed all of those things and it was a true honor to provide these picture for her and her family (they are dear to me).  i hope she and her family enjoy these as much as i do. anna, you are truly beautiful. i love your casual, laid back personality. 🙂

sneak peak, anna

April 24, 2010

senior session, courtney lance

April 18, 2010

like i said before, my cousin is more beautiful than she knows. i was honored that she let me take her senior pictures and excited that we got to explore dallas, ga, my hometown. i’m so happy with how her pictures turned out and am excited to share them with you!

here’s to class of 2010!